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World Food Day 2015 - stories

Learn about some of the different strategies used to tackle hunger around the world through the stories of John, Kelvin and Mukta. All three children had at one time faced food insecurity and now share their stories via a colourful, picture-packed set of presentations and activities.

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Nepal: Back to school

Welcome your pupils back to school with fantastic images and stories from the children of Nepal as they return to class following the earthquakes which struck their country in early 2015.

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Chembakolli 2015 - Games and Presentations

A great set of summer resources with games to play inside and outside of the classroom based on artfeacts and children's games from the village of Chembakolli. Also included is a presentation taking you on a journey from 'Leaf to factory' with Chembakolli's pure Nilgiri tea. 

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Learn about Lesotho

Allow 12-year-old farmer Ramotili from Lesotho to introduce his country with this interactive map. Ramotili will also use fantastic photos and illustrations to show you how he grows corn, explaining what is needed for plants to grow at every stage.

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Ramotili grows corn

This resource will help bring KS2 science to life as Ramotili shows us how he grows corn.

As Ramotili takes us through the process via a set of fantastic photos, your students can cut out and colour our class-room friendly illustrations to show what is needed for plants to grow.

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Lesotho factsheet

This simple and colourful factsheet is a great starting point for lessons on Lesotho. Includes a map and key country information, as well as the big issues the country faces. Can be used as an A4 handout or larger printed poster.

Nepal Earthquake Factsheet

A simple factsheet containing facts and statistics on Nepal, the recent earthquake and ActionAid's on-going response. This resource was update with new statistics on 13/05/15 after the second earthquake. Also included in this resource is a list of useful links which give you access to up-to-the-minute information as events unfold.

The Lost Suitcase: Explore Brazil – workshop

Take your children on a journey to Rio de Janeiro with this fantastic new ActionAid workshop. Jam-packed with hands-on activities to stimulate learning about Brazil’s geography, people and communities, this workshop is the perfect companion to ActionAid’s free Brazil learning resources. Prices from £50

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