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NEW Explore Brazil: Life and change in Rio and the rainforest (KS2)

Explore the largest country in South America with our bank of curriculum-linked resources. Meet the people of Rio, discover the role of the Amazon rainforest in our climate, and explore the complexities of deforestation. Packed with factsheets, stunning photopacks and a variety of activities.

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The Lost Suitcase: Explore Brazil – workshop

Take your children on a journey to Rio de Janeiro with this fantastic new ActionAid workshop. Jam-packed with hands-on activities to stimulate learning about Brazil’s geography, people and communities, this workshop is the perfect companion to ActionAid’s free Brazil learning resources. Prices from £50

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Syria: Children in Conflict

Encourage your pupils to compare and contrast their lives with that of Israa, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, living in Zaatari Refugee Camp, northern Jordan. Discover what life was like before and after the civil war started and write newspaper articles or blog posts about Israa's story.

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Village Life in Chembakolli - slideshows

Introduce your pupils to what village life is like in and around Chembakolli and nearby Gudalur with our much loved slideshows. Find out what jobs people have, what school is like and the types of animals that live nearby.

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Barnaby Bear in Brazil - postcard

Find out what Barnaby’s up to in Brazil with this colourful postcard to accompany other Barnaby Bear resources. Designed for young primary learners at Key Stage 1, the postcard tells of Barnaby’s adventure through Brazil - from playing football on the beach in Rio to meeting animals in the Amazon jungle.

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Brazil World Cup 2014 – teaching resources

Discover the country that hosted the 2014 World Cup and find out how it’s affected the lives of ordinary Brazilians. The resources question the cost of the World Cup and ask classes to consider the pros and cons for Brazil of hosting. This colourful bumper pack features case studies, lesson ideas, posters, quizzes and more.

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Haiti Earthquake 2010 – assembly

2010 saw one of the poorest countries in the world hit by its biggest earthquake in 200 years. This PowerPoint and accompanying PDF present background information on the country and its crisis in a visual and engaging way. Suitable for use in Key Stage 2 and 3 assemblies or lessons.

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