Key Stage 2 Teaching Resources

Ebola: The myths and facts - teaching resources

Dispel the myths and learn the facts about the Ebola virus outbreak in Western Africa. This resource includes a quiz, photo-slideshow, maps, activity and infographic, and is suitable for an assembly or class lesson. Adaptable for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

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A day in the life - teaching resources

These resources allow pupils to explore and contrast the daily lives of two girls who live in Nigeria. Pupils will explore the reasons why children are unable to go to school and receive an education. Includes a lesson plan, case studies and activities. 

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Nigeria factsheet

This simple and colourful factsheet is a great starting point for lessons on Nigeria. Includes a map and key country information, as well as the big issues the country faces. Can be used as an A4 handout or larger printed poster. 

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Meet the people of Chembakolli - slideshows

Introduce your pupils to the people who live in Chembakolli and nearby Gudalur with these photo slideshows. Slideshows include detailed captions and a series of photographs documenting each persons life, job and family.

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Syria: Children in Conflict

Encourage your pupils to compare and contrast their lives with that of Israa, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, living in Zaatari Refugee Camp, northern Jordan. Discover what life was like before and after the civil war started and write newspaper articles or blog posts about Israa's story.

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Village Life in Chembakolli - slideshows

Introduce your pupils to what village life is like in and around Chembakolli and nearby Gudalur with our much loved slideshows. Find out what jobs people have, what school is like and the types of animals that live nearby.

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