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Discover every day life in the remote Adivasi (tribal) village of Chembakolli in south India. A varied range of resources introduces the people who live there and the issues that affect them – from education to land rights.

Meghana, 7, picking a few tea leaves on the Madhuvana tea estate, Chembakolli, India.

Photo Tom Pietrasik

Chembakolli Tea Party – workshop

Organise a Chembakolli tea party to enthuse your Key Stage 2 pupils about fairtrade and life in the south Indian village of Chembakolli.  An engaging resource to bring ActionAid and Chembakolli to your classroom, workshop or assembly. Prices from £50

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Village Life in Chembakolli - slideshows

Introduce your pupils to what village life is like in and around Chembakolli and nearby Gudalur with our much loved slideshows. Find out what jobs people have, what school is like and the types of animals that live nearby.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Help your pupils to learn more about Fairtrade by using our new slideshow resource - jam-packed with beautiful photos of the Adivasi community. Learn how the Adivasi grow and trade their tea in the Nilgiri hills of south India.

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The Chembakolli Story - audio CD

This Key Stage 2 resource guides a younger audience through the story of Chembakolli. It consists of a beautifully narrated audio CD, story/activity book and poster and includes descriptive sound and music clips.  To celebrate over 20 years of Adivasi land rights this resource has 20% off.

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Pure Nilgiri tea

Taste pure Nilgiri tea picked by the Adivasi (tribal) people of Chembakolli and traded fairly by ‘Just Change’. It is sold in packs of 80 and money from sales goes directly to the Adivasi people.

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From Bangalore to Chembakolli – photopack

An imaginative resource aimed at Key Stage 2 classes.  Accompany pupils on an incredible journey from Bangalore to the remote village of Chembakolli, comparing and contrasting urban and rural lifestyles along the way. Contains 30 stunning A4 photocards, a teachers’ booklet with photocopiable activity sheets and a DVD.

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Footprints in the Forest – set of six readers

Order a set of six individual readers aimed at Key Stage 1 for the price of five! These vibrantly illustrated readers follow a Chembakolli girl called Kelu’s adventure in the forest and her quest to return in time for the Adivasi day celebrations.  Also available as a big book for whole-class reading.

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