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Chembakolli toys and games

Use this KS2 PowerPoint to learn about some toys used and games played by young people in Adivasi communities in the Nilgiri district of south India (where the village of Chembakolli is located).  

By Liz Newbon
08/01/2014 2.42 MB ppt

Bananas make good plates - food sustainability in Chembakolli

Find out why ‘Bananas make good plates’ by downloading this KS2 Chembakolli PowerPoint with teacher's notes, lesson plan, activity sheet and templates. Explore different foods grown in Chembakolli, why we should cut down on food waste and how to make the best from our food crops. (Published June 2013).

By Vaila McClure
29/05/2013 14.8 MB zip

Beyond Chembakolli: education in Gudalur

This KS2 PowerPoint explores barriers to education for Adivasi children and looks at how you can take action to help children around the world get an education. Please note there are teachers' notes beneath each slide. (Published April 2012)

By ActionAid
17/05/2012 3.13 MB ppt

Fair Trade and Chembakolli, 2012

KS2 PowerPoint and activity. This PowerPoint looks at how Adivasi (tribal) communities produce Pure Nilgiri Tea, what is meant by 'fair trade' and how their tea is being traded fairly. A handy resource for Fair Trade Fortnight. (Published 2012)

By ActionAid
08/02/2012 5.08 MB zip

Climate Change Adaption Stories

Images and film footage from ActionAid programmes showing how people in India, Kenya and Bangladesh are adapting to climate change. (Published 2011)

By ActionAid
15/11/2011 747 KB ppt

Case studies: climate heroes

KS2-3 Seven case studies of children affected by climate change around the world, exploring how they're learning to cope with extreme weather events. (Published 2007-2009)

By ActionAid
03/03/2011 1.62 MB zip

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