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Beyond Chembakolli: education in Gudalur

This KS2 PowerPoint explores barriers to education for Adivasi children and looks at how you can take action to help children around the world get an education. Please note there are teachers' notes beneath each slide. (Published April 2012)

By ActionAid
17/05/2012 3.13 MB ppt

Rio+20: Unpredictable Rain

The PowerPoint and supporting teacher’s notes consider the relationship between climate change, unpredictable rainfall patterns and global drought warnings. It includes case studies from the UK, The Gambia, Senegal and India. Suggested for KS2 and KS3 Citizenship and Geography lessons, and for teaching about Rio+20, the UN conference on Sustainable Development. (Published June 2012).

By ActionAid
10/05/2012 3.85 MB zip

International Women's Day 2012

KS2-4 PowerPoint and lesson ideas exploring International Women’s Day.  Learners will discover the history of gender equality in the UK.  They will explore gender issues around girls’ education globally using case studies from ‘Send My Friend to School’ campaign and debate the need for an international women’s day.  It can be used in Citizenship, PSHE and History lessons.  (First published in 2011, updated for 2012).

By ActionAid
06/03/2012 2.06 MB zip

Fair Trade and Chembakolli, 2012

KS2 PowerPoint and activity. This PowerPoint looks at how Adivasi (tribal) communities produce Pure Nilgiri Tea, what is meant by 'fair trade' and how their tea is being traded fairly. A handy resource for Fair Trade Fortnight. (Published 2012)

By ActionAid
08/02/2012 5.08 MB zip

Climate Change Adaption Stories

Images and film footage from ActionAid programmes showing how people in India, Kenya and Bangladesh are adapting to climate change. (Published 2011)

By ActionAid
15/11/2011 747 KB ppt

Schools - East Africa Drought

KS2-4 PowerPoint exploring the East Africa drought and food crisis. Contains case studies of people living in drought-affected Kenya, links to a video blog and suggestions for how schools can help. (Published July 2011)

By ActionAid
04/10/2011 3.31 MB ppt

What happened to the climate in 2010?

KS2-3 PowerPoint. This lesson starter takes a brief look back at weather and temperature events in 2010, including what was done to tackle climate change. (Published 2011)

By ActionAid
21/03/2011 1.59 MB ppt

PowerDown climate change toolkit (primary)

KS2 - Practical toolkit containing curriculum-linked lesson ideas, activity sheets and photo cards. Learners explore causes and impacts of climate change around the world and how to be part of the solution by reducing energy use. (Published 2008)

By ActionAid
07/03/2011 3.52 MB pdf


KS2-KS3 Lesson ideas, case studies and poster exploring the 2007 floods in the UK and Assam. Learners explore the effects of flooding and how it is linked to climate change, as well as how schools in Assam are reducing their risk of being affected by flooding. (Published 2007)

By ActionAid
03/03/2011 2.08 MB zip

Pakistan floods, 2010

KS2-3 PowerPoint and lesson ideas. During August 2010 Pakistan experienced its worst monsoon floods for 80 years. These activities help learners to discover more about Pakistan before exploring the impact of the floods on local communities and some of the long-term solutions. (Published 2010)

By ActionAid
03/03/2011 5.81 MB zip

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