Tell Barclays to clean up its act on tax havens in Africa

We're still waiting, Barclays!Barclays is getting its hands dirty by promoting tax havens to its clients in Africa.

When companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, this can deny some of the world’s poorest people access to vital funds for schools and hospitals.

Barclays' promise

So far over 50,000 people have taken action to demand that Barclays cleans up it's act, and we've really caught the bank's attention. At their AGM in April, Barclays Boss Antony Jenkins made a personal commitment to find common ground with ActionAid on this issue.

It's been since this promise, but we've yet to see any action.

It's time for action. Not words.

Email Barclays' Boss

Send a personal email to Barclays Boss Antony Jenkins to demand that the bank stop selling financial services to companies using tax havens to avoid taxes in Africa. Click on the button below to get started. You can personalise your message on the next page.

Tell Barclays to clean up its act on tax havens

Get more involved

If you've already emailed Antony Jenkins and are keen to do more, you can:

>> Take action in your community

>> Watch and share the Clean Up Barclays video

>> Join a Tax Justice walking tour of Mayfair