What you can do

Nepal Earthquake

Organise a collection or fundraising activity to help us rebuild lives after the earthquakes in Nepal.

Help us protect girls like Damaris in Kenya from FGM

Damaris was only 11 when she was cut. Millions more girls are at risk of FGM. Help us reach them.

We want you on our team

Be an ActionHero and join our team for a race, sporting challenge or fundraising event.

ActionAid runners

We're looking for runners to join our Royal Parks team. Sign up now for London's best half marathon!

Support the Tax Dodging Bill campaign

Big companies are getting away with dodging billions in taxes. Take a stand with us to stop them.

Sponsor a child as a gift

For as little as 50p a day, sponsor a child as a present for friends or family, and give a child a future.