Say a big end-of-term thanks to your child's teacher with our collection of charity gifts for 2020, from just £7.

After a very unusual school year, our end-of-term teacher gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation
After a very unusual school year, our end-of-term teacher gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation

For all they’ve done for us, throughout this very unusual school year, now is the perfect time to say a huge thank you to our teachers.

Up and down the country, they’ve been keeping children learning in the most challenging of circumstances. And for many of us, becoming homeschool teachers has given us a new appreciation of just how hard it is to do what they do!

So now, more than ever, we want to show our appreciation to these kings and queens of the classroom. What better way to say thanks than with our collection of charity gifts, which could help children to get an education in some of the world’s poorest countries?

1. Help keep children learning with our school backpack gift (£7)

8-year-old Nyawoh, from Sierra Leone, received a school backpack from ActionAid

In an emergency, every teacher knows that it’s so important children can continue to learn.

That’s why our school backpack gift could provide a backpack for a child who's been affected by disaster, helping them to go to school even if they’ve lost everything else. 

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2. Give the tools of education with our school materials gift (£30)

5-year-old Feza, from an ActionAid-supported school in Rwanda

Our school materials gift could provide enough schoolbooks and pencils for 10 children to continue learning in the wake of a disaster, like a flood or earthquake. 

So no matter what happens, children don’t lose their right to a bright future.

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3. Change a family’s life with our beehive gift (£35)

Shaher and her husband have benefitted from an ActionAid beekeeping project in Afghanistan

In Kenya, ActionAid’s beekeeping projects are providing families with an environmentally-friendly, sustainable livelihood. 

So your beekeeping gifts helps support the nesting of honeybees, whilst helping a family out of poverty. Hive-five! 

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4. Show your teacher they’re goatally amazing (£30)

Mameh, from Sierra Leone, received livestock from ActionAid to help her build a sustainable livelihood

In Burundi, our livestock project provides goats for farmers so they can grow crops sustainably. 

A lack of quality soil and seeds has made it difficult for families to yield vital crops, but supplying them with a goat, which produces high-quality manure, can ensure their long-term food security. 

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5. Water-way to say thanks (£15)

A new clean water well, built by ActionAid at 13-year-old Gita's school, is helping her to stay in education

In emergencies, providing families with a safe, clean drinking supply is vital. So our water gift can supply a family with 75 litres of water to drink, cook or clean with. 

Water-way to show your appreciation for the life-changing work of your teacher! 

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Explore more teacher gifts

There are lots more gifts to choose from in our full collection, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect present for your teacher. 

And remember, with every purchase you’ll help to change the lives of women and girls in vulnerable communities. From all of us here at ActionAid, thank you for your amazing support! 


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