Guest blog: "Help make tax fair.. at least for our sake" | ActionAid UK

Those were Eddy Musosa’s exact words as he lobbied a UK prospective MP at Westminster on a cold February morning. "So", you ask yourself, "Why would an Activista Zambian youth brave the UK cold to support the Tax Dodging Bill campaign with ActionAid UK?" Read this blog by Eddy to find out.

Activists in Zambia speaking out against tax dodging
Activists in Zambia speaking out against tax dodging

Global problem.. global solution

Harmful tax practices by multinational companies from across the world including the UK deprive countries like mine of much needed resources in the fight against poverty. A lot of students and young people from all walks of life in my country are passionate about campaigning to make tax fair because it is their only hope for fair access to opportunities now and in the future.

Talking tax during elections

As the case was in the lead up to Zambia’s elections in January this year, the UK political parties through their parliamentary candidates should compete for who has the best policies to curb tax dodging in the country.

In February, I visited the UK to join campaigners to lobby British politicians in Westminster. MPs came streaming into our lobby room and pledged their support for the Bill. All the MPs I had lobbied admitted that we could build more schools and hospitals in Zambia if the UK passed a law that would make tax fair both at home and abroad.

A trendsetting Bill

The UK Tax Dodging Bill campaigners deserve all the global solidarity they can get because they are trying to address tax loopholes in the developing world. For me, this is the first of its kind and getting more people across the world to talk about making tax fair would definitely highlight how introducing a Tax Dodging Bill would be a score for governments across the world.

As an Activista, I also strongly feel youth groups and movements must increase their presence within the tax coalition with their creative activism and energy.


Photo: Eddy Musosa/ActionAid.