Yesterday was a big day. Over 50,000 people hit the streets of London, and hundreds of thousands joined marches worldwide in the biggest climate mobilisation in history, to call for a strong deal at the Paris talks starting today. Team ActionAid was there, supported by over 300 people who marched in solidarity with the women and children hit hardest by climate change. 

Here are some highlights from a wonderful day of action.

Our top highlights from the London Climate March
Team ActionAid at the London Climate March, 29 November 2015.

Marching to stop childhoods being washed away

Our own Himaya opened the rally talking about the women and children she met in Bangladesh, whose lives have already been impacted by climate change. "Some people think of climate change as an issue of the future. But in Bangladesh climate change is happening now," she said.

Over the past couple of months, we've been sharing these stories with the public and even created the first rain-triggered advert to drive people's attention to the devastating impact of climate change. Watch the video to learn more.


"Worst hit. Least to blame."

All our staff and supporters held placards saying "Worst hit. Least to blame.” and our banners featured real stories of the women on the frontline of the fight against climate change and the children whose futures are being washed away by floods. We marched in solidarity with them, calling on global leaders to put the most vulnerable people first in any global deal discussed at the Paris Climate talks.


Chai, ponchos and face painting

Our amazing volunteers offered free chai and red ponchos to get people going on the cold rainy Sunday. People sported red lotus flowers - a Bangladeshi symbol of triumph over adversity - on their faces to show their solidarity with the people of Bangladesh. We stood up from the crowds to send our message loud and clear: global leaders must not ignore their voices of those paying the heaviest price for climate change.

Climate March London


Dhol drumming our way to Westminster

Our talented Dhol drummers filled London's streets with the rythm of Bangladeshi music. Dhol drums are double headed drums that are widely used across the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh. Their uplifting drumming kept our feet moving as we walked through the wind and rain - nobody could resist dancing to that beat!


Celebrity support 

EastEnders' stars Tanya Franks, Lindsey Coulson and Himesh Patel joined us on the march to show their support. Amazing to have them marching with us – thanks so much for joining us!

Climate March London


This is just the start...

It was truly inspiring marching with hundreds of you yesterday in what was the largest UK climate march in history. But this is just the start. Today, global leaders are meeting in Paris to discuss a new climate deal, and we're calling on them to put the poorest women and children first. Thank you for helping us send this message loud and clear, we will keep you updated. For now, check out more pictures from the day in the link below and tag yourself!

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