General Election 2019: Protecting women’s rights

ActionAid UK at the Women’s March London 2017

Alice Whitby/ActionAid

General Election 2019: Protecting women’s rights

Women workers’ rights

There is currently no international law to prevent sexual violence and harassment in the workplace. In a world where one in three women and girls will experience violence during her lifetime, most likely at the hands of someone she knows, this is shocking and shameful. 

ActionAid supports a global convention on violence and harassment in the world of work. This would set clear global standards for preventing abuse at work, impacting millions of women and other employees worldwide. 

The UK government has already shown leadership in this area by speaking out in favour of the International Labour Organisation’s Convention to end violence in the workplace. We are urging all parties to support the ratification of the International Labour Convention and make Britain a true global leader in preventing violence at work.

To ensure the next UK government protects women worker’s rights join the campaign. 



Page updated 18 November 2019