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Tax Justice Together Project

(From left:) Ene from Nigeria, Mark from Peterborough and Stella from Kenya in the UK on the ActionAid Make Tax Fair Speaker Tour 2016

ActionAid UK is the lead partner of the Tax Justice Together Project, which is due to run for 27 months from March 2015 and includes 24 partners across 19 different countries. This project is funded by the European Union. 

Developing countries lose $200 billion to tax dodging every year; money that could be spent on life-saving services like health and education. That’s why it’s so important that we work together to campaign for change.

Together since March 2015 we have inspired EU citizens to take over a million campaign actions for tax justice, trained 2,000 people to campaign for a fairer global tax system, and come together at key moments to campaign for change.

Over the next few months, from November 2016, we’ll be ramping up our efforts.

What are the Project objectives?

Overall objective 

The EU and its member states lead on promoting fair and equitable tax reform as a driver for inclusive and sustainable growth, reducing poverty and inequality, and promoting fairer relations between developed and developing countries, in the context of the post-MDG consensus.

Specific objective

Increased EU citizens’ critical understanding and active engagement, alongside campaigners in the global South, in pan-European efforts towards progressive and equitable reform of global tax policies, particularly during EYD2015.

The project will achieve four main results:

  1. European citizens (especially aged 21-30) have improved awareness of and demonstrate support for fair and equitable tax systems.
  2. Students, CSOs and their supporters have increased critical understanding of global tax policies, how to engage in the debate about tax policy reform and campaign skills.
  3. Students, CSOs and their supporters actively engage with efforts to develop progressive pan-European positions on global tax policy reform, in collaboration with activists in the global South.
  4. Policy makers in European Parliament and MS make commitments to progressive tax policies that benefit European citizens as well as citizens in developing countries.

The Tax Justice Together project is not a coalition, but works together with Tax Justice Network Europe and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, who coordinate tax justice campaigning globally.

To find out more about what partners are campaigning on, please visit their websites on the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

This project is funded by the European Union