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The climate crisis is turning into a humanitarian crisis – and the world’s poorest people are bearing the brunt of its impact.

Refugees and families - devastated by climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, and poverty - are dealing with dwindling food supplies, limited sanitation and no access to healthcare. The situation is worsening every minute and millions of lives and livelihoods are at risk. 

ActionAid is working with vulnerable communities to provide food and other essential supplies

We also help improve the long-term conditions and quality of life for women and girls living in poverty by building wells, providing education, and supporting them to rebuild their lives. But we need your help to reach as many people as possible. 

Sadaqah Jariyah means a continuous and ongoing charitable gift to those in need, and that is why ActionAid is focussing on this and not Zakat.

Starting your Sadaqah Jariyah this Ramadan will help us provide year-round support to families and children in crisis

Together we can provide life-saving aid and sustainable support to those who need it most.

The role of Ramadan is undeniable in showing what co-operation, empathy, and respect for one another other can do in building bonds of friendship, equality and unity in the Muslim world.

It is what incredible charities such as ActionAid – who already have a proven track record in working with the most vulnerable of communities – have been doing for many years, with great success. Not only do they provide immediate, humanitarian aid but they also stay back and work together with communities to provide long-term, sustainable solutions.

Abdul Shiil, Trustee, ActionAid UK

Muslim communities fighting against climate change

Varou Mat is a mother and nursery school teacher while her husband fishes for a living. They live in a fishing community in a village in Kampot, Cambodia.

Varou Mat has seen first hand the devastation caused by climate change in Cambodia and how it's affecting local fisherfolk and their children. She wanted to help and she decided to volunteer as a women's champion. 

As extreme floods and droughts have meant less fish in the rivers and lakes, she is worried that her husband and her community's income and livelihood will be destroyed. 

Varou Mat also knows that when her community is affected it has a knock-on effect on children.

When fishing is suspended, they have nothing left. They do not have farms or other occupations. They have no choice but to force their children to drop out of school to work... Children often miss their classes to help their families earn money."

Since receiving ActionAid training, Varou Mat has been encouraging her fellow villagers to move away from fishing and to look at other sources of food and income, such as growing vegetables. She hopes this means families can sustain themselves and that children can continue their education. 

Varou Mat is a women's champion

Cindy Liu/ActionAid

How we use the money you donate: pie chart

How we use the money you give us

For every £1 we spend:

70p is spent on humanitarian and development programmes and strengthening our global federation

17p is spent on fundraising

10p is spent on support costs (running the organisation)

3p is spent on campaigning for change

These figures are taken from our expenditure in 2019.

We’re committed to keeping our supporters happy and being open and honest about how we fundraise. To find out more you can read our supporter promise.

Top photo: Muslim children of Gujjar community at a madrasa in Chamba. Raul Irani Kirmani/ActionAid

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