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Weeks after Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful hurricane to hit the Caribbean in nearly a decade, brought devastation and destruction to Haiti, some 800,000 people are still in urgent need of safe shelter, food and clean drinking water. 

Hurricane Matthew has killed hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of homes, schools and livelihoods. 

Josie (pictured) has lost her house, and most of her village has been destroyed. She lives in the district of Jeremie, one of the worst hit areas. She describes what happened when the hurricane hit: 

‘The roof started to fall on me and the walls began to collapse. I was so scared but I knew I had to stay strong for my baby.’

Now Josie, together with scores of other families, is sheltering in an old school building. Made of concrete it is one of the few structures still standing. 

‘I have nothing. I need a roof and I need food. I haven’t eaten properly in days and I am too weak to breastfeed my baby. My milk has dried up.’

Many crops were wiped out, so people have lost their food supply and face real hardship unless they get the support they need. Josie, and many others like her, has no idea when she will be able to rebuild. With many schools given over to emergency shelter almost 100,000 children remain out of school. 

Josie Vanessa, 22, and her baby Jerry aged two months. Hurricane Matthew

ActionAid teams on the ground have been delivering hygiene kits, cholera kits, water, milk and crackers to thousands of people. But ongoing heavy rain and road closures have hampered relief efforts. 

ActionAid has a long-term presence in Haiti and is uniquely placed to help by working with local communities to support reconstruction efforts, working with grassroots women’s groups and providing cash for rebuilding, and seeds so communities can start growing food again.

Mike Noyes, Head of Humanitarian and Emergencies at ActionAid UK, says:

There is a race against time now, not only to get aid to people in hard to reach areas, but to prevent the onset of diseases like cholera. We cannot let Haiti become the forgotten country. 

We urgently need more funds to get more help to the people in Haiti most affected by Hurricane Matthew. Please donate now to support our work. 



Page updated 16 July 2019