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Ama was abducted for child marriage when she was 14 years old, while she was walking home from school with her friends in the Upper West region of Ghana.

Two men on motorbikes grabbed Ama and took her to their village where they locked her into a room and threatened to beat her. “Prepare to become a wife”, she was told before being left overnight.

“I was locked inside a room. I was all alone, in the pitch dark and I was so scared. The men are stronger than me. I knew that some girls give birth and die because they are too young to give birth.”

Ama narrowly avoided becoming a child bride because the next day she managed to escape with the help of ActionAid’s local programme worker, part of the local COMBAT(Community Based Anti Violence) team. And now she’s back at home and back in school. 

ActionAid is working in Ama’s village, and other villages across Ghana, to raise awareness of the problems of child marriage and to tackle marriage by abduction. But we need more funds, to train more staff and community members to protect more girls.

A monthly gift could help more girls like Ama escape the abduction, rape, violence and abuse that is child marriage.

Set up a £15 monthly gift

£15 a month could help pay to train a new member of COMBAT team, to help bring home more girls.

Set up a £10 monthly gift

£10 a month could help to provide bicycles for girls so they can cycle to school safely and confidently.

Set up a £3 monthly gift

£3 a month could help provide equipment for a COMBAT team member to rescue kidnapped girls.

What ActionAid does to end child marriage

ActionAid works with local partners and the police to educate and train parents, teachers and community leaders to end child marriage.

ActionAid’s COMBAT teams, or Community-Based Anti-Violence Teams, are made up of local women’s networks. When a girl is taken, they know how to get her back.

COMBAT teams help to build trust in the remote, rural communities we work in, and they have a formidable reputation. The root causes of child marriage around the world are complex, which is why we also work to reduce poverty, change attitudes and stop girls being abducted in the first place.  

A regular gift from you could help us train more COMBAT teams to help rescue kidnapped girls so they can go back to their families, back to school and get their childhoods back.


About ActionAid

ActionAid puts women and girls at the centre of our work across 45 countries. Because whether it’s the result of being displaced by war, recovering from the aftermath of an earthquake, or simply being born into a deprived community, women and girls are the most affected by poverty.

So we make sure girls go to and stay in school, we work with communities to end gender-based violence, and we train women in the skills they need to earn a living.

Almost all of the people and partners who run our programmes are from the developing world. This means our staff are on the ground and have experienced poverty first hand. We see day-to-day how poverty affects people’s lives, and are uniquely placed to give a voice to the women and children who suffer the most.

We demand action to change the factors that keep poor people poor at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change.

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Photos by Ruth McDowall/ActionAid.

Page updated 21 May 2018