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A 7-year-old injured boy, whose mother and young sister remain missing, receives treatment after strong earthquake on October 1, 2018 in Palu, Indonesia

The Asahi Shimbun/The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

More than 2,000 people are confirmed dead after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi a week ago.

The 7.4 magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami with waves as high as 18 feet to sweep into the city of Palu, where rescuers are still frantically searching for survivors beneath the rubble.

Homes and entire communities have been destroyed, 1.5 million people have been affected and hundreds of thousands of survivors are in urgent need of food, water and shelter. Authorities fear that casualties and the number of those displaced by the disaster will continue to rise in the coming days.

“This is one of the biggest earthquakes our country has suffered,” says Francisca Friti, Executive Director, YAPPIKA-ActionAid. “We are all in shock and utterly devastated.”

“Since Friday’s earthquake, there have been over 200 aftershocks and more keep coming. It’s terrifying for people in the worst-hit areas.”

“Our team is trying to cover all affected areas but we urgently need support to help save lives.”

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What ActionAid is doing in Indonesia

Our team is bringing essential supplies to those who have lost everything and are without power, water or shelter.

We’ve reached the most affected areas bringing temporary shelter, electricity generators and solar lamps.

We are also distrubuting water, blankets and nappies for people in urgent need.

Please support our response by making a donation now. 

What is ActionAid?

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty. The denial of their rights is one of the biggest causes of poverty worldwide, and a grave injustice. That’s why we put the rights of women and girls at the heart of all we do.

Our dedicated local staff are helping end violence against women and girls and changing lives, for good.

Our work in emergencies

When a disaster strikes, our local staff work round the clock delivering life-saving supplies to the worst hit communities.

Women and girls suffer disproportionately during humanitarian emergencies. We seek to put local women in charge, advising what their communities need, and overseeing the distribution of aid to the most vulnerable, to ensure fairness and transparency. They ensure that people get the life-saving aid that is their right.

Where your money goes

90% of your donation, after fundraising costs, will go to support the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal. The remaining 10% will be retained for ActionAid’s Emergency Action Fund which will only be used for ensuring we are prepared and able to respond quickly and more effectively to future emergencies and crises. If the total amount raised for this appeal exceeds the funds needed for the response, ActionAid will transfer the remaining balance to the Emergency Action Fund. All Gift Aid claimed on donations will fund ActionAid’s work across the world, wherever the need is greatest..


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