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To protect Simran's identity, the girl in this photograph is an actress

Smita Sharma/ActionAid

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A safe place to sleep

£10 could help give a girl a secure place to sleep



£7 could help pay a counsellor to give psychological support


Care packages

£3 could help provide sanitary kits for girls who have nothing



Help give a girl a secure place to sleep where she can feel safe, when going back home is too dangerous

Help pay a counsellor’s salary to give emotional and psychological support to survivors who are recovering from trauma

Help provide care packages including underwear, sanitary towels and a toothbrush, for girls who have had to leave their homes with nothing


How ActionAid helps survivors of violence

One in three women worldwide will be beaten or sexually abused in their lifetime, most likely by somebody they know. Violence at home is a global problem, and women and girls living in poverty are even more at risk.

ActionAid runs crisis centres around the world, offering survivors free medical emotional and legal support.

Local ActionAid staff run these shelter and support centres, where survivors of sexual and domestic violence can access a helpline, safe shelter, medical treatment, counselling and legal aid, so that they can recover from trauma and begin to rebuild their lives.

As well as giving immediate support for survivors, we are building a safer future for women and girls. Local outreach workers are changing attitudes by raising awareness of how to recognise and report different types of violence, and training police officers to ensure cases are dealt with properly and perpetrators are prosecuted.

Please donate to help girls like Simran to get the support they need, and look forward to a safer future.

Telling Simran’s story

Simran and her family gave us full permission to share their story, but to protect Simran’s anonymity we have changed her name, and we have not used her photograph. The photograph accompanying her story is of a girl who has not experienced abuse. She and her mother gave their full informed consent for us to take photos of her to be used in this way.

Your donation

This project is just one example of ActionAid’s work. Your regular donation may not go towards this project. It will be used where it is needed most to further ActionAid’s general charitable purposes.


Page updated 16 October 2019