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Hidden crises driven by climate change

There are millions of girls like Sawde and Hadra around the world, trapped in hidden crises caused by climate change. 

Years of catastrophic drought in Somaliland has killed livestock and left land barren, forcing families to leave their homes to walk hundreds of miles in search of food and water, eventually ending up in overcrowded camps.

Meanwhile, halfway across the world in Bangladesh, unprecedented monsoon rains are causing life-threatening flooding and fatal landslides in large parts of the country - also driving thousands of families from their homes and into emergency camps.

It’s women and girls who often suffer most during a disaster. During and after an emergency, they are significantly more at risk of violence — including rape, assault, child marriage and trafficking. Stuck in flimsy makeshift shelters with no doors or security, uprooted from their homes, mothers and daughters are living in limbo with no end in sight.

Hibo, an ActionAid community empowerment and engagement officer in Somaliland, said the biggest fear in the camps is of rape. 

So, mostly, the first thing they have in their hearts is… fear of rape, attempted rape. They have no lights, no security checkpoints, so strangers can come easily and try to harm women… and try to take the children or to rape the women.”

Millions of women and girls are trapped in these hidden crises; their lives at risk. ActionAid’s local teams are working round the clock to provide the essential supplies and support that these women and girls need to survive. Please help us do more.

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How we’re helping women and girls affected by the climate crisis

Even when the rest of the world turns its attention away from an emergency, we remain on the ground, supporting women and girls as they rebuild their lives and the lives of their families.

  • We have distributed 800 women’s survival kits across camps in Somaliland so far this year. 
  • We distributed food packages in Bangladesh to over 10,000 people.
  • We are providing 725 families in Somaliland with cash to buy food and medicine. 
  • We provided safe drinking water and installation of toilets to 5000 people in Bangladesh.
  • We’ve trained and set up a women’s coalition in every camp supporting women to take leadership roles. 

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Page updated 22 January 2020