Volunteer in Cambodia

What will I be doing?

You’ll be working alongside local people to build new classrooms to help improve access to education for children living in Pursat.

You don’t need any building experience to take part - just enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard and the desire to make a difference!


You'll get stuck in with digging foundations, mixing cerment and laying bricks. Don't worry, you don't need any building experience to take part, we'll find a job for everyone. 


Cambodian cuisine is typicaly bright in colour and inspired by neighbouring countries Vietnam and Thailand. You can expect plenty of soups, rice, vegetables and fresh water fish! 

Making friends

Whether you sign up on your own or with a friend, you'll meet lots of amazing people from the community and great volunteers of all ages!

Visiting other ActionAid projects

During the week you will have the opportunity to visit another nearby project, to gain a broader insight into ActionAid's work in Cambodia.


The group will be staying in the KM hotel in Pursat. You will share an ensuite twin or triple  room with air conditioning.  

Local culture

There will be plenty of opportunities to experience traditional Cambodian culture at the welcome ceremony, on the project visit and sight-seeing tour of Phnom Penh.


Why Cambodia?

29% of women are not literate compared to 15% of men.

33% of the population lives on less than US$1 a day.

18% of children are involved in child labour.

Brother and sister in Pursat, western Cambodia

Alberto Marotta/ActionAid

How your support helps

You will help to build much-needed classrooms at Put Tream school to help improve access to education for children living in Pursat, western Cambodia.  

Low literacy levels remains a huge barrier for those living in poverty in Cambodia. Many children are unable to go to school because they either need to start work from a young age to support their family, or the distance to school is too far for them to walk safely.  

In Pursat, ActionAid has been working with parents in local communities to educate them about their children's right to a good education, and how important it is. Many parents have since become more committed to supporting their children to go to school.

However, at Put Tream school, children are still missing out on the education they deserve as the school buildings are not fit for purpose. They are poorly constructed from wood and tin, meaning lessons are often cancelled, especially when there is heavy rain. 

By building new classrooms, you will give more children the chance to learn in a safe and more productive environment. 

Contact us

If you have any questions or need support with your fundraising, please get in touch. Email events@actionaid.org or call 01460 238 000.

Page updated 27 July 2021