Food not fuel

Food not Fuel

The rush for biofuels is pushing millions into hunger. It’s madness that we burn food in our cars as biofuels whilst 1 in 8 go hungry.

The MEP vote

In the summer of 2013, ActionAid supporters sent nearly 50,000 messages to MEPs, demanding that they limit the amount of food burnt as fuel in a key vote in September 2013.

Important progress was made, with many MEPs acting on our call for Food not Fuel and acknowledging the role that biofuels play in causing hunger and contributing to climate change. But sadly we were unable to achieve the 5% cap on food based biofuels that we were fighting for, with MEPs instead voting through a cap of 6%. Though 1% may not seem like a big difference, the 6% cap would allow enough food to be burnt in Europe to feed over 200 million people every year.

The outcome is disappointing but it’s not the end of the road. The proposal now goes to European member states where there is still an opportunity to strengthen it. We’ll be taking your demands to Norman Baker, the Minister responsible for biofuels in the UK government, to show him the support behind the campaign for Food not Fuel.

So thank you to everyone who has taken action. This wasn’t quite the outcome we were hoping for, but without you it could have been much worse.