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Color Obstacle Rush

Giant slides, bouncy castles, foam... this is an obstacle course with a difference!

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  • 6 May – 22 July 2017
  • Registration fee £26 - £34

Bounce, dance and laugh your way through the most colourful obstacle course you'll ever see! Sign up with your mates for the obstacle course for party people. 

You'll be chasing through giant ball pits, jumping over bouncy castles and slithering down inflatable slides. This isn't about the competition - this is about having fun. And the fun doesn't stop at the finish line. You'll be welcomed to a huge party, so don't miss out!  

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Visit the Color Rush website to secure your place before joining our team.

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Get covered in paint powder at nine colour stations

Plough through 10 obstacles

Bouncy Castle

Bounce over giant inflatable slides and bouncy castles

It adds up to one big party!

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