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Fill A Bottle for East Africa

Over 16 million people are facing devastating food shortages caused by sustained drought and conflict in East Africa.

Your school can help by holding a Fill A Bottle collection.

Simply sign up to download free teaching and fundraising resources. Our resources will help you explain what drought is, how it affects people’s lives, and how your collection will help. Our incredible 360 degree photo will put your pupils in the shoes of 12-year-old Daeka from East Africa. 


Sign up and download resources


Pay in the money you’ve raised

Once you’ve raised your money, please send it in as soon as possible so we can use it to help people in urgent need in East Africa. You can pay in by post or phone using this form, or you can pay in online. Thank you. 

1. Design your labels

Use our template to design your bottle labels. You can also use our  teaching resources to explore the theme of drought. 

2. Fill your bottles

Fill as many bottles as you can with change

3. Save lives

Send in the money you’ve raised and help save lives in East Africa. You can pay in by post or online

Drought 360 Daeka

Free resources include

  • Fill A Bottle poster, label template and paying-in form
  • An assembly about the East Africa drought
  • An incredible 360 degree photo (click here to view it in full screen)
  • A packed slideshow to bring 12-year-old Daeka’s world to life
  • Two poster case studies


Sign up and hold a Fill A Bottle collection 

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