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Start fundraising for ActionAid

Do you want to raise money and support an incredible charity? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can find everything you need to support ActionAid and the amazing people we work with around the world.

We’re here to help you and your class every step of the way with tons of great ideas, handy resources and one-to-one support.

What does ActionAid do?

ActionAid helps people in their communities work together to solve their problems. We work in countries in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Most of the people who organise and do ActionAid’s work in these countries are local people, so they’re in the best position to tell us what they want and need.

We listen first and then work with the people whose lives are held back by poverty so they have a voice and are involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

Ready? Let’s get fundraising!


Fill A Bottle for East Africa

Help your pupils grasp the depth of this crisis and to encourage them to Fill A Bottle with change to help change lives.

Get a Fundraising kit

Just fill out this online form and we’ll send you everything you need to get started — balloons, posters, stickers and more.

Big Me

Sign up to our dress up day with a difference and you’ll help girls around the world create the future they want.



Contact us

Any questions? E-mail or call 0203 122 0535.


You can pay in the money you’ve raised at your school using a debit or credit card



Why does ActionAid exist?

Millions of children in countries all around the world live in poverty. And more than one billion people, mostly women and girls, lack a basic education – that means often they don’t get the chance to go to school and they never learn to read and write.

At ActionAid we think that every child has the right to food, shelter, basic healthcare and free, quality education, wherever they live in the world.


1.2 billion people have to survive 
on less than £1 a day


750 million people don’t have clean drinking water


57 million children aged 5 — 11 years old do not go to school


68 million children have to go to school hungry

What will your money pay for?


Equip a classroom£30 – Equip a classroom

Solar lanterns to do homework£50 – Solar lanterns to do homework

Fresh drinking water£60 – Fresh drinking water

Bicycles to get to school£70 – Bicycles to get to school

Beehives to earn a living£75 – Beehives to earn a living

Donkey to go to the market£174 – Donkey to go to the market


Page updated 12 October 2018