Actress and ActionAid Ambassador, Jodie Whittaker, currently best known for her role in the popular TV series Broadchurch, sponsors a little girl called Sakina in Afghanistan. 

Watch the video below to listen to Jodie telling us why she sponsors a child with ActionAid and read more about how you can help children affected by conflict.

I sponsor Sakina, an 11 year-old girl in Afghanistan. Sakina lives in the far north east of Afghanistan and has only ever known a life affected by war and conflict. It’s a really dangerous place to be a child. Decades of war have meant that families are vulnerable to hunger, disease and displacement.

The village where Sakina lives is really remote. Water is scarce and so the community finds it difficult to cultivate the land for food. And because of this, over half of under 5 year-olds are chronically malnourished.

Like many girls in Afghanistan, Sakina has never been to school - under the Taliban girls were forbidden to attend school - and even now families are afraid to let their daughters go. But ActionAid is doing some great work there. It’s helping over 100,000 people who have been affected by the conflict.

Through ActionAid’s child sponsorship scheme, whole communities are being helped to lift themselves out of poverty. Women are being taught to read and write, as well as learning other skills to help them earn a living for their families. And farmers are being taught new techniques to help them grow more food.

In Sakina’s village ActionAid has also built a Children’s Centre to provide children with a safe place to learn and play.

I’m supporting ActionAid’s urgent Christmas appeal asking you to sponsor children like Sakina in countries affected by war or extreme poverty, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Afghanistan.

You can help give them a better future - please sponsor just one child.