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A gift in your will could make a world of difference

Sopheak and her mother, Som Hon, at home with their mosquito net.

Som Hon, aged 33 with her daughter Sopheak and their mosquito net

Photo: Harry Freeland/ActionAid

Som Hon

“I have lost four children to fevers. It is very sad for me. We spent all our money on treatments for them but nothing worked.

“My last child to die from fever was just six months old. This was during the harvest season in 2008. His name was Chieun Sean Chin.

“My friends and I were called by ADIFE to one of the monthly meetings and it was here that we learned about Dengue fever and how to prevent it.

“The training was very good because it will help us protect our children from this disease. Prevention is better because the treatments don’t always work and are very expensive for us.

“I hope that there will not be any more cases of Dengue fever in the community now that we know how to better protect our children.”

Sopheak (L), 12, and her best friend Yain Richna, Aged 12, Chambok village

Sopheak, aged 12 (pictured left, with her best friend).

Photo: Harry Freeland/ActionAid


“My parents are farmers and I have no brothers and sisters. I did have four other brothers and sisters but they all died when they were small from fever.

“I remember the Dengue fever training, it was really good. We learned that it was caused by the tiger mosquito and how to prevent it.

“I remember learning that we should sleep under mosquito nets at night and that we should clear away bushes and coconut shells which collect water that mosquitoes breed in.”

Bou Theary, 40, with her granddaughter, Chambok village.

Bou Theary, aged 40 with her granddaughter.

Photo: Harry Freeland/ActionAid

Bou Theary

“Thanks to the training, we know how to prevent Dengue fever from happening. There have been hardly any children getting infected since we attended the training and were given the mosquito nets. I am so happy because it means my grandchild’s future will be better.

“I would like to say thanks to the person that helped provide this training as it has helped people in this community save lives. It means a lot to us.”

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