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ActionAid at Latitude Festival 2017

We’re returning to Latitude festival for the third year running to highlight the challenges women and girls across the world face because of their periods.

Join us beside the main BBC Music Stage as we take over an entire toilet block and surrounding area to bust period taboos that hold girls back, and talk about why menstruation matters.

From virtual reality toilets to our ‘surf the crimson wave’ surf simulator – read on to discover what we’ve got in store for you this year.

And to volunteer with us for a free festival ticket and help change lives for good, just click below to find out more.

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Why are we talking about periods at Latitude?

Having your period at a festival can be a real challenge, when clean loos and sanitary items are hard to come by.

Millions of women and girls around the world face these challenges on a monthly basis – no sanitary products, no proper toilets, no clean water.

Apart from the discomfort, lack of access to toilets and sanitary items also leads to gender discrimination: in Africa, one in ten girls misses school when they have their period. This has a huge knock-on effect on girls’ education and often leads to them dropping out, reducing their chances of being able to support themselves later on in life.

Despite menstruation being completely natural, damaging myths about periods and a culture of shame continue to hold women and girls back.

At ActionAid we recognise that sanitary products and education on periods are not trivial, nice-to-haves; they are essential tools in the fight against poverty and help keep girls in schools – girls like Vast, pictured below.

What’s on at the ActionAid tent at Latitude?

Whether you’re into comedy, glitter or want to learn and share your thoughts about periods, our taboo-busting activities themed around period euphamisims have got something for everyone – men included! Find out more below and make sure you swing by our tent to get involved!

Volunteer with ActionAid at Latitude Festival

*** Update 19th June: Please note, volunteer places are now full. But don’t worry — we’ll be back next year! ***

Fancy a free ticket to one of this summer’s best festivals? Want to help support our work? Volunteer with ActionAid at Latitude to have an amazing experience and help change the lives of the most vulnerable women and children in the world.

Join our team and you’ll see incredible bands, have fun and meet lots of new people by taking our message out to the crowds and bringing it to life!

Download our volunteer pack

*** Update 19th June: Please note, volunteer places are now full. But don’t worry — we’ll be back next year! ***

Check out our volunteer pack for full details about volunteering with ActionAid at Latitude 2017.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about volunteering including; what you’ll be doing, what you’ll need to bring and more information about our menstrual hygiene work.

We welcome applications to volunteer from people of all backgrounds and abilities. Please let us know on your application if there’s anything we can do to better accommodate your needs.

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