Give girls a hand

Give girls a hand: share your advice

It can be tough to be a girl today. 

Girls are strong, creative and powerful. But too often, they are held back by a world that treats them unfairly, underestimates and fails to value them.

Luckily, girls are tough too.

That's why we're crowdsourcing a new resource. We're building a collection of advice for today's generation of girls, written and submitted by those who know best: women who've been there.

So if you'd like to get involved, please tell us the advice you’d give to a young girl today. We’d like to share your wisdom far and wide on social media, to inspire girls and show them that they are valued, and they are enough.


Share your wisdom

If we share your advice on social media, can we attribute the advice to you, using your name and location?

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Tanjila, from Bangladesh, has taken part in a girl-led research project with ActionAid. Faheba Monir/ActionAid

Page updated 15 July 2022