Irine is a member of the Nyarongi women’s network in Kenya, supported by ActionAid

Ways to write your Will for free

National Free Wills Network 

We want to help simplify the will-writing process and provide support where possible. 

ActionAid has partnered with the National Free Wills Network which offers a local, Will-writing service all year round – with ActionAid paying a discounted rate on your behalf. 

If you take up the offer, there is no obligation to include a gift to ActionAid, however, we hope that you will consider us.

Will Aid

ActionAid has partnered with Will Aid to give you the chance to have your Will professionally drawn up by a qualified solicitor during the month of November. 

Instead of paying a solicitor’s fee, you are invited to make a voluntary donation which will help fund life changing work around the world.  

All donations made via Will Aid are divided between the nine participating charities – including ActionAid. Use Will Aid’s online postcode search below to find a solicitor near you, or call them on 0300 0309 558 for details. 

The donation is voluntary but the suggested minimum donations are: 

£80 for a basic Will 

£100 for a pair of mirror Wills 

Find a participating solicitor near you.

For more information on either of these services, you can contact us directly at or call our Supporter Contact line on 01460 238000. 

Irine is part of a women's network that teaches women about their rights in Kenya.

Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

Learning about women's rights

Irine is a member of the Nyarongi women’s network in Kenya which is supported by ActionAid. There she learned about her rights as a woman and Irine now has the confidence to speak at events in her own community. 

She wants to inspire girls with this knowledge so they don’t drop out of school.

A gift in your Will could help more women like Irine to know their rights and pass on what they have learnt to others. 

Irine says:

The network taught us that women are people, like others. Women can now talk, even in a meeting, in the old days they didn’t, men would say ‘don’t talk, you are a woman’”.


Top image: Irine from Kenya is a member of the ActionAid supported Nyarongi women’s network, which teaches women about their rights. Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

Page updated 3 October 2022