ActionAid welcomes PM’s focus on tax at G8 next year | ActionAid UK

ActionAid welcomes PM’s focus on tax at G8 next year

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Prime Minister David Cameron said today he wanted next year’s G8 summit to focus on action against tax avoidance, as well as the fight against protectionism in global trade, and promoting greater transparency and openness in governments and businesses around the world.

ActionAid’s Head of Advocacy, Melanie Ward, said: “ActionAid warmly welcomes the news that the Prime Minister plans to focus on tax at the G8 summit that he will chair in June 2013. The need for international action to combat tax dodging has never been clearer. As we have seen in the UK and around the world, developed and developing countries alike are haemorrhaging vital resources into tax havens.

The G8 has significant diplomatic muscle that it should use to force tax havens to open up once and for all and we look forward to the Prime Minister leading long-awaited global change in this crucial area.”