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Comedy film on absurdity of government biofuel policy

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Developed alongside comedy viral filmmakers Don’t Panic, ActionAid UK’s new video highlights the absolute lunacy of biofuels, showing two hapless campaigners trying to drum up support for a new spoof pro-biofuel campaign called ‘Drive Aid’ to the unsuspecting London public.

Drive Aid

In an uncomfortable parody of current UK biofuels policy, their campaign calls for “taking food out of greedy African’s mouths, and putting it into the petrol tanks of our cars”, as one of the pro-biofuel campaigners boasts.

Will the British public share in his sentiment? Watch ‘Drive Aid’ to find out.

By supporting biofuels, the UK government encourages companies to grab land from poor people to use for biofuel production. This is happening on a huge scale with 37 million hectares of land – more than the size of Germany — already taken.

The huge surge in demand for food crops to make biofuels is also pushing food prices up massively, forcing millions more people into hunger. And whilst biofuels were originally promoted as a miraculous answer to our climate change woes, they actually release more greenhouse gasses than the fossil fuels they were designed to replace.

Help stop this disaster. We need the UK government to stop supporting biofuels.

ActionAid policy adviser Clare Coffey said “It’s clear to anyone watching this video that the idea of using food to feed cars when people a billion people are hungry is simply absurd. We need decisive government action to put an end to this.”