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David Cameron should keep his promises on aid

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The Defence Secretary Liam Fox has criticised David Cameron’s aid pledge in a letter which has been leaked to the Times. The Prime Minster wants to raise the level of overseas aid to 0.7% of national income and enshrine the spending increase in law.

But the Defence Secretary criticised this plan, saying the target should not be a statutory target but rather a target which is measured by an annual report.

In response, ActionAid’s executive director Richard Miller said: "The UK's commitment to legislate for 0.7% of gross national income to be spent on aid sends a clear signal to the world about the UK's leadership on tackling global poverty.

"Aid has worked and continues to work to bring millions of people out of poverty. On top of that, aid is in our own interest as well. A more equitable world free from poverty is better for everyone."We know that military interventions, such as in Sierra Leone, are necessary. But what has rebuilt that country is the people themselves with the help of aid."We also know that aid spent well does much to prevent conflicts and wars - prevention is better than a costly cure."


photo : ©Aubrey Wade/ActionAid