Corrie star Sally Dynevor at Selfridges for ActionAid | ActionAid UK

Corrie star Sally Dynevor at Selfridges for ActionAid

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Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor served up Millione, ActionAid's sparkling rose Frizzante, in Selfridges, Manchester, to celebrate Millione taking part in Selfridges’ Think Pink Month. 

The next tasting will take place in Birmingham on Friday 11 August.

Millone was set up by the not-for-profit Millione foundation in conjunction with ActionAid. It aims to delight the taste buds of summer wine drinkers while also raising one million pounds. From every bottle purchased £1 will go straight to building primary schools in Sierra Leone. The aim is to sell 1 million bottles and build 20 community-run schools across the country giving over 10,000 children the education they so desperately need. Since the launch in September the initiative has raised over £100,000, and this has given the foundation enough money to build the first two schools.

Sally says: “I have been a supporter of ActionAid for over ten years and on a visit with my daughter to meet the child we sponsored  I saw firsthand how vitally important attending school is to children who have so much less than those in the UK.”