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For the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, ActionAiders all over the world are pulling out all the stops.

Scroll down to see photos from events in…

… as ActionAid calls for an end to violence against women.

In the UK… (and coming from Afghanistan)

Four leading Afghan women’s rights activists — including two members of parliament, and the only female governor of a province -  came to the UK with ActionAid to meet British politicians.

Four leading Afghan women's rights activists

 They spoke movingly to an audience that included members of all the major parties, about their experiences and about how important solidarity messages and support from the UK are, to women who are in a constant struggle to be treated as human beings.

The women meet Harriet Harman

(Photos: Mark Chilvers)

In Uganda

Nazziwa — whose husband had mutilated her because she tried to leave him — led hundreds of women in a march against violence. The women carried with them messages of support from ActionAid’s Get Lippy campaigners.

In Brazil

ActionAid’s youth team, Bollocks to Poverty, have taken three high profile bloggers to Brazil to see ActionAid’s women’s rights work first hand.

Writers and videographers from BitchBuzz, Pinboard and Soul Culture blogs have visited community projects in the favelas of Rio, a youth group working on sexual rights in Santarém and met pioneering Hip Hop artist MV Bill.

Community project in the favelas of Rio

The three bloggers have spread the word about women’s rights to a huge audience.

In Liberia

Emma Thompson travelled to Liberia with her adopted son Tindy, to meet ActionAid women’s rights campaigners. The story was front page in the Observer Magazine.

In India

A rally for International Women’s Day in Bhopal drew over 8000 women from across and outside the state.The padlocks on their mouths symbolise the lack of free speech given to women in the state.

Bhopal march - the padlocked women


The women plan to take on the police  to march towards the assembly to present their demands. ActionAid Chiief  Executive Joanna Kerr (seated, centre) and India Executive Director Sandeep Chachra presented solidarity messages to the crowd.

 Joanna Kerr

photo : ©actionaid