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Is the government being bio-fooled?

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Act now: join our ‘text’ action

You can add your voice by taking part in our ‘text’ action. We will be creating a petition with all your text messages – and those of people in developing countries who are affected by biofuels – which we will then send to the Department for Transport. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Get your mobile out.

Step 2: Write a text message explaining how you feel about an increase in biofuel use in the UK.

Step 3: Make sure you add your name and postcode to the text.

Step 4: Text ACTION followed by your message to 82727 (it will cost the same as a text to a mobile number).

We will gather all your messages and send them on to the Department for Transport.

Did you know that all petrol and diesel sold in the UK already contains 3% biofuel? The government now wants to more than treble this amount, despite clear evidence that biofuels push poor people off their land and cause climate-changing emissions.

Despite previously admitting they have concerns about biofuels releasing more greenhouse gases than the fossil fuels they were designed to replace, the government will soon be holding a consultation on whether to go ahead and raise our targets to 10%. It’s vital we take this chance to persuade the Department for Transport that biofuels have a terrible impact on the developing world.

Are you biofuel-savvy?

How much do you really know about biofuels? Take our who’s bio-fooling who quiz.