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Response to the Charles Taylor Liberian war crimes verdict

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On April 26th the verdict in the war crimes tribunal of former Liberian President Charles Taylor will be delivered. Below is ActionAid’s response to the verdict.

Korto Williams, Country Director, ActionAid Liberia:

“ActionAid Liberia hopes this verdict provides an opportunity for Sierra Leone to lay many ghosts to rest. The verdict represents the brutal reality of what happened in Sierra Leone and reflects the war atrocities that were committed in Liberia. Fifteen years on from the civil war, many people continue to yearn for justice and recognition of their suffering.

"This verdict is also an opportunity for the International Criminal Court to address all the crimes carried out against civilians and to hold those who carried out the atrocities to account in a court of law.

"The legacy of the civil war and the violence unleashed continues to devastate and destroy lives. An estimated 250,000 people died during the civil war, thousands were injured and forced to flee their homes. Rape and murder were used as weapons of war.

"Thousands of women are living with the physical and mental scars of rape and sexual violence. Despite Liberia electing Africa’s first female President in 2005, women continue to face the brunt of discrimination in Liberia.”

ActionAid in Liberia

ActionAid Liberia works with women in rural and urban communities and in partnership with a number of organisations. Women and youth survivors from the civil war are at the heart of ActionAid Liberia’s work to address the legacy of the conflict. ActionAid Liberia believes that in order to build and promote democracy, stability and community development, individual’s experiences of the violence carried out against them and their communities has to be acknowledged and addressed. This is the only way that lives can be rebuilt and people’s full potential can be reached.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Korto Williams, ActionAid’s Country Representative in Liberia, call:

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