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Thailand floods - ActionAid's response

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The situation in Thailand has gone from bad to worse. Water now covers one third of its provinces and levels are still increasing, with much land completely waterlogged. Many families have been displaced and rescue and relief teams are finding it difficult to reach people in the more remote areas.

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ActionAid’s relief effort is focused on three areas: Petchaboon province where there is a huge need for food, drinking water and basic medicine, plus agricultural support; Bangbua community in Bangkok, where water levels are still rising and flat bottom boats and life jackets feature on the list of essentials; and Ayuddhya province, where families are having to stay at temporary shelters or on the second floor of their houses.

While devastating crop damage in the worst floods for 50 years has already left millions of people in Thailand and Cambodia without food, many more are likely to go hungry as the forthcoming rice harvest fails and rice prices soar.

If we don’t act now, many more poor people will go hungry as the devastating floods cause the rice harvest to fail and rice prices to skyrocket. That is why we urgently need to step up the distribution of seed, fertilizer and replacement agricultural equipment so that crops can be replanted as soon as conditions allow.

In Thailand, 2.5 million people are already affected and 1.6 million hectares are under water (12.5% of crop land), resulting in widespread damage to rice fields. In Cambodia, 1.5 million people have been affected and nearly 10% of the country’s rice crop has been destroyed.

Through careful and close communication with local and district authorities, ActionAid Thailand is distributing food and non-food items to families that are in the greatest risk, but there are still many who need support.


ActionAid urgently need your donations to help those in immediate need, and prepare other communities that are at risk.