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What next after the Millennium Development Goals? 

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At the UN General Assembly, opening today in New York, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will convene the first meeting of his High-Level Panel on the global development agenda beyond 2015, of which Prime Minister David Cameron is co-Chair.

 ActionAid UK’s new paper Righting the MDGs on what should follow the MDGs is calling on the panel to recognise that only true global action can tackle the enormous challenges facing the world today. Any new set of goals must be universal in scope rather than for developing countries only, and should address environmental as well as development challenges.

 Lucia Fry, Head of Policy at ActionAid said: “Prioritising rights - especially women's rights - is the only way to create a post MDG framework that will foster real change for the world’s poorest. Tackling violence against women and ensuring sustainable financing for development through taxation are two priorities that David Cameron should take to New York this week.”

 The paper further states that: 

  • Unlike their predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the new framework must put human rights at the centre of goals, strategies and financing.  
  • Women’s rights must be a top priority, both because women deserve equal development and because improving their lot will be a powerful catalyst for the achievement of other goals 
  • The world’s poorest people must have the freedom to actively organize and put forward demands, while governments must be accountable, transparent and open to support their human rights and ultimately lift them out of poverty.
  • Rich countries need to change the skewed tax rules that benefit rich corporations at the expense of poor people, to enable developing nations to finance their own development through taxation 


>> Download 'Righting the MDGs'