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It’s not every day you get to join thousands of people to demand governments around the world take action on climate change. On the 29 November, join ActionAid on the People’s Climate March in London ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris. We’re marching for the world’s poorest women and children, who are already facing the devastating impacts of climate change.  

Here are three reasons why you should join us:

Join ActionAid on the People's Climate March.
Join ActionAid on the People's Climate March.

Demand change — for good

Climate change is happening now and it’s already affecting the world’s poorest women and children. In countries like Bangladesh millions are at risk as floods, cyclones and storms are getting more dangerous and more common. ActionAid supports women and children living on the margins of survival to prepare and adapt. We build flood-proof villages, provide salt resistant seeds and teach children how to survive in a disaster.

Nazma, 30, with her daughter, Sabia, 4, in a flood-proof village in Faridpur. She is plucking a mango she has grown in her garden.

But we can’t fight the impacts of climate change alone. Communities in Bangladesh urgently need rich countries to  support them to adapt to the effects of climate disasters.

This December, governments from around the world are meeting in Paris to agree a global deal to tackle climate change. We need to ensure the world’s poorest women and children are put first in the negotiations. We’re calling on the UK government to commit to a global goal on adaptation so that countries like Bangladesh can cope with the continuing impacts of climate change.

March with us

Be part of a big movement

Help us make ActionAid’s presence at the march loud and proud! We will be dressed in red to make sure we stand out in the crowd and our message can’t be ignored.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to be part of it. Every person matters. Together we will create a dramatic image with one simple message – the poorest women and children must be put first in the talks Paris!

You will march to the beat of Dhol drums, and will be given red placards to hold up high.


Our team is ready to welcome you

March with us

March in solidarity with the women affected by climate change 

Our banners will feature the faces of women and children hit hardest by climate change, and are working tirelessly to make life safer for their communities. We’ll march in solidarity with them, and other vulnerable women and children leading the fight back against climate change. 

Sabita was trained by ActionAid as an emergency response leader in Bangladesh, and led a group of women to get 500 people to safety during Cyclone Mahasen.  “The cyclone lasted for three hours. Lots of houses were destroyed, trees were uprooted. Many people were badly hurt,” said Sabita.“It was a very difficult environment within which to work.  Despite that, we all worked together.”

Sabita, 38, is her village's emergency response woman leader in the Kalapara Sub-district in southern Bangladesh.

Haoa, whose farm was flooded when river embankments broke during a storm, is now campaigning for the embankments to be strengthened.  “The embankments broke because there are regular storms and flooding,” Haoa told us. “The root problem is climate change.”

Haoa, 35, has been leading a group of women in her village to campaign for the river embankments to be made stronger.

Where and when

Join us at our meeting point on Park Lane on Sunday 29 November, and we’ll give you everything you need to be part of our sea of red – from free red ponchos and placards, to red facepaint and hairspray, goodie bags and much more. Together, we’ll make the ActionAid presence bright and loud. With hundreds of ActionAid supporters coming from around the country, you’re bound to finish the day with new friends, and the feeling that together we can change lives. For good.

On last year’s climate march 40,000 people marched through the streets of London to demand change. Join us and make sure this year it’s even more!

March with us on the London Climate March