Brazil teaching resources

Brazil Teaching Resources

Explore Brazil with a variety of engaging, story-led resources. Experience a day in the life of a Brazilian child with twins Samir and Samira or venture into the colourful city of Rio de Janeiro with our wide choice of teaching resources for both KS1 and KS2 classes.

Cabu De Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco. Photographer's Credit: Lianne Milton/Panos/ActionAid

KS1 What is Rio de Janeiro like?

Can your class use the adjectives on their worksheets to describe the incredible pictures included in your photoset? Use our photos of Rio de Janeiro and accompanying Key Stage 1 activities to answer questions such as: 'Where is Rio?' and 'What is Rio like?'. Also available for KS2.

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KS2 Rainforest solutions

In the final set of resources from our Amazon rainforest package, pupils are encouraged to think critically and creatively about the future of the rainforest and our wider planet. These activities for Key Stage 2 classes include a debate on sustainability and a creative writing exercise.

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KS2 Rainforest in trouble

This photopack, deforestation factsheet and accompanying activities are the perfect introduction to the challenges the Amazon rainforest faces. Your Key Stage 2 pupils will investigate questions such as what is deforestation, how is the rainforest being destroyed, and what are the long-term impacts?

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KS2 Why is the Amazon rainforest important?

Introduce your pupils to the Amazon rainforest and the important role it plays in the water cycle with this resource for Key Stage 2 classes. Jam-packed with amazing rainforest facts and activities, your pupils will discover what the Amazon is like, how it compares to the rest of Brazil and why the rainforest is so important.

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KS1 Childhood in the Amazon rainforest

Discover life in the Amazon rainforest by introducing your Key Stage 1 class to Eliane. These activities will help your pupils use directional language and map skills to explore Eliane's village, and identify similarities and differences between Brazil and the UK. 

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KS1 Rainforest plants and animals

Which plants and animals can you find in the Amazon rainforest? Use these simple Key Stage 1 activities, facts and photos to answer this question and explore the habitat of the Amazon rainforest.

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KS1 What is the Amazon rainforest like?

Use these stunning photos of the Amazon rainforest, rainforest facts and hands-on activities to answer the question ‘What is a rainforest?'. These resources are the perfect introduction to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest for Key Stage 1 classes.

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What is a home?

Discover the homes of people ActionAid works with around the world and ask your class the question what is a home? This photo-led activity is aimed at KS1 and KS2 classes and will get pupils thinking about different types of urban and rural settlements.

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