Kenya teaching resources

Kenya Teaching Resources

World Food Day teaching resources

John, Kelvin and Mukta faced many different challenges, but shared one issue in common: food insecurity. These World Food Day teaching resources show the children at home and at school, and showcase the solutions which removed their fear of going hungry. Use this pack on World Food Day, as a harvest festival resource or even as a harvest festival assembly.

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What is inequality? - Food and hunger

This activity-led Key Stage 2 resource gets your pupils investigating food inequality and how hunger affects millions of people around the globe. Includes the starter 'What is inequality?', a selection of engaging activities and three case studies of children facing hunger and its consequences.

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Kenya factsheet

This simple, colourful factsheet includes a map of Kenya and is perfect for pupils of any age. Discover all the key facts about Kenya's population, languages and climate, as well as information on the big issues the country faces. Why not use this factsheet as a starter activity or as a big Kenya poster for the classroom wall?

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Climate Change Adaptation Stories – PowerPoint

Discover how people around the world are rising to the challenge of climate change with the help of ActionAid. The PowerPoint slides contain engaging photos, links to film footage, discussion points and case studies of people learning new survival skills – from building rafts to curing snake bites.

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