Lesotho teaching resources

Lesotho Teaching Resources

What is inequality? - Food and hunger

This activity-led Key Stage 2 resource gets your pupils investigating food inequality and how hunger affects millions of people around the globe. Includes the starter 'What is inequality?', a selection of engaging activities and three case studies of children facing hunger and its consequences.

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What do plants need to grow?

Allow Ramotili, a 12-year-old farmer from Lesotho, to show your class what plants need to grow. This set of resources is aimed at teachers delivering KS2 geography and science and could work either as project on Lesotho, its people, geography and food, or as a set of stand-alone activities. 

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Lesotho factsheet

Do your pupils know why Lesotho’s nickname is ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’? Use this colourful factsheet as an introduction to Lesotho, a small, land-locked country completely surrounded by South Africa. This factsheet can be used as a handout or as the centrepiece of a wall display.

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