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KS2 Why is the Amazon rainforest important?

Introduce your pupils to the Amazon rainforest and the important role it plays in the water cycle with this resource for Key Stage 2 classes. Jam-packed with amazing rainforest facts and activities, your pupils will discover what the Amazon is like, how it compares to the rest of Brazil and why the rainforest is so important.

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KS1 Childhood in the Amazon rainforest

Discover life in the Amazon rainforest by introducing your Key Stage 1 class to Eliane. These activities will help your pupils use directional language and map skills to explore Eliane's village, and identify similarities and differences between Brazil and the UK. 

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KS1 Rainforest plants and animals

Which plants and animals can you find in the Amazon rainforest? Use these simple Key Stage 1 activities, facts and photos to answer this question and explore the habitat of the Amazon rainforest.

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KS1 What is the Amazon rainforest like?

Use these stunning photos of the Amazon rainforest, rainforest facts and hands-on activities to answer the question ‘What is a rainforest?'. These resources are the perfect introduction to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest for Key Stage 1 classes.

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What do plants need to grow?

Allow Ramotili, a 12-year-old farmer from Lesotho, to show your class what plants need to grow. This set of resources is aimed at teachers delivering KS2 geography and science and could work either as project on Lesotho, its people, geography and food, or as a set of stand-alone activities. 

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Syria: Children in conflict

Encourage your pupils to compare and contrast their lives with that of Israa, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, living in Zaatari Refugee Camp, northern Jordan. Discover what life was like for Israa before and after the civil war started and write newspaper articles or blog posts about Israa's story.

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What is a home?

Discover the homes of people ActionAid works with around the world and ask your class the question what is a home? This photo-led activity is aimed at KS1 and KS2 classes and will get pupils thinking about different types of urban and rural settlements.

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Lesotho factsheet

Do your pupils know why Lesotho’s nickname is ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’? Use this colourful factsheet as an introduction to Lesotho, a small, land-locked country completely surrounded by South Africa. This factsheet can be used as a handout or as the centrepiece of a wall display.

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India factsheet

Use this factsheet to learn about India, the world's largest democracy. Our India factsheet contains facts about the population, currency and climate, as well as information on the big issues in India such as women's rights, food and education. This factsheet can be used as a handout or as a big India poster for your classroom wall.

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Bangladesh factsheet

Did you know that Bangladesh is known as the land of rivers? It has over 700! Our Bangladesh factsheet is packed with the key statistics about Bangladesh's population and size, as well as information on the big issues the country faces. Why not use this colourful factsheet as a discussion starter, handout or poster for a class display?

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