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Drought 360°

Put your class in 12-year-old Daeka's shoes. She has taken a 360 degree photo to show the effects of drought in her village in east Africa. To complement this incredible 360° photo, we've created two colourful posters to help your class to understand how drought affects people, plants and animals.

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Brazil factsheet

Did you know Brazil is the biggest country in South America? Our Brazil factsheet includes a map of Brazil and the important facts to help you answer questions like ‘How big is Brazil?’ and ‘What continent is Brazil in?' This factsheet can be used as a starter activity or as a big Brazil poster for the classroom wall. 

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World Food Day teaching resources

John, Kelvin and Mukta faced many different challenges, but shared one issue in common: food insecurity. These World Food Day teaching resources show the children at home and at school, and showcase the solutions which removed their fear of going hungry. Use this pack on World Food Day, as a harvest festival resource or even as a harvest festival assembly.

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Refugees: In their own words

Suitable for lessons in geography, citizenship and English, these secondary school resources on the refugee crisis will help your students to understand the lives and experiences of refugees as they tell their own stories, in their own words.

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Education is a girl's right

Inspire your class with these stories of girls fighting for their right to education. Download these great posters including the stories of Fozia and Sadia from Pakistan who have both fought to return to education following a long absence.

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Female genital mutilation (FGM) teaching resources

Created for Key Stage 3 and 4 citizenship and PSHE classes, these resources focus on dispelling myths around FGM. They also include the powerful stories of those who have been affected by FGM and those who are working to eradicate it. 

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Lesotho factsheet

Do your pupils know why Lesotho’s nickname is ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’? Use this colourful factsheet as an introduction to Lesotho, a small, land-locked country completely surrounded by South Africa. This factsheet can be used as a handout or as the centrepiece of a wall display.

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India factsheet

Use this factsheet to learn about India, the world's largest democracy. Our India factsheet contains facts about the population, currency and climate, as well as information on the big issues in India such as women's rights, food and education. This factsheet can be used as a handout or as a big India poster for your classroom wall.

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Bangladesh factsheet

Did you know that Bangladesh is known as the land of rivers? It has over 700! Our Bangladesh factsheet is packed with the key statistics about Bangladesh's population and size, as well as information on the big issues the country faces. Why not use this colourful factsheet as a discussion starter, handout or poster for a class display?

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Pakistan factsheet

Download this colourful factsheet to find out all about Pakistan, home of the world's second highest mountain. This resource contains key facts on Pakistan's population, languages and climate, as well as statistics on the country's big issues. Why not use this factsheet as a discussion starter, handout or a poster for a class display?

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