Water teaching resources

Water Teaching Resources

The link between climate change, weather patterns and natural disasters underpins all our teaching resources about water. The materials show how water can affect all our lives, from floods in the UK to monsoons in Pakistan.

Angela Lokichar has to carry up to 100 litres of water per day for the 11 dependants she has at home 1,5 miles away from the nearest water point. Isiolo, Kenya

Photo: Frederic Courbet/Panos Picures/ActionAid

Living in a world of water

Experience what it's like living in a world of water through the eyes of four remarkable children. Discover stories of heat-busting chickens, floating ambulances and wild weather, as Aasia, Prianka, Shumona and Abdullah show you how they live and learn in Bangladesh.

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Drought 360°

Put your class in 12-year-old Daeka's shoes. She has taken a 360 degree photo to show the effects of drought in her village in east Africa. To complement this incredible 360° photo, we've created two colourful posters to help your class to understand how drought affects people, plants and animals.

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Water teaching resources

With lessons for KS1, KS2 and KS3 classes, these resources get pupils thinking about the need for clean water as well as water usage in their school and their own lives. Using case studies and a photopack, pupils meet six-year-old Helena and learn how newly built water and sanitation facilities improved education in a school in Sierra Leone.

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Sierra Leone factsheet

Our simple and colourful Sierra Leone factsheet is great for classes from KS1 upwards. This factsheet includes all the key facts about Sierra Leone's population, languages and climate, as well as information on the big issues the country faces. Why not use this factsheet as a discussion starter, handout or a poster for a class display? 

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