Chembakolli teaching resources

Chembakolli Teaching Resources

Discover life and change in Chembakolli, India through the real-life stories of the people who live there. Our unique slideshows, images and activities are designed for KS2 learners and are perfect for geography classes or for investigating themes like lifestyles, food, farming and games.

Meghana, 7, picking a few tea leaves on the Madhuvana tea estate, Chembakolli, India.

Photo Tom Pietrasik

Chembakolli: School

Discover day-to-day life at Vidyodaya School, near Chembakolli in southern India. Key Stage 2 classes will discover a typical day at the school including lessons, playtime, and even what the children have in their lunch boxes.

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Chembakolli: Toys and games

Bring global education to your PE lessons with games and activities for KS2 classes to play both inside and outside of the classroom. Your download includes activities based on real Chembakolli artfeacts and games played by the children of the village. 

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Chembakolli: Village life

Explore different aspects of life in the village of Chembakolli with this collection of colourful slideshows. Download the notes which accompany these slideshows to take your Key Stage 1 or 2 class through one of our most popular resources and show them what life is like at school, at work and at home for the people of Chembakolli.

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Chembakolli: Meet the people

Meet the people who live in the village of Chembakolli with this collection of colourful slideshows for KS1 and KS2 classes. Download the accompanying slidenotes to take your class through one of our most popular resources and introduce your class to many of the people who call Chembakolli their home.

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Chembakolli: The complete package

Discover the famous village of Chembakolli, India with our complete set of resources for primary schools. With resources on Chembakolli schools, housing, transport and of course their Fairtrade tea, this package is all a KS1 or KS2 class could need.

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Chembakolli: Fairtrade

Discover how pure Nilgiri tea is harvested, produced and traded fairly in the remote Indian village of Chembakolli. This fantastic resource for Key Stage 2 classes also introduces primary pupils to the concept of Fairtrade and the work of international development charities.

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Chembakolli: Transport

Designed for KS1 and KS2 classes, these primary teaching resources explore the world of transport in Chembakolli. From brightly decorated buses to the school jeep, the resources reveal some exciting differences in public transport across the globe.

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Chembakolli: Forest

These fascinating primary resources reveal how the people of Chembakolli interact with the forest surrounding their village. Key Stage 2 classes will discover the wildlife of the forest, how honey is harvested there, and the conflicts the environment can cause.

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Chembakolli: Housing and homes

Discover the different types of houses in Chembakolli with photos of homes made in distinctive local styles and materials. Use the worksheets included in your download to encourage Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils to think about their own homes and to build their very own Chembakolli house.

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