Halima's story

Halima Ali"Before we lost our land to the company, we got our food from there. We used to have food in the morning, lunch and evening and get full. Now, we only take little, because there is a lack of food. It has affected the children, without a doubt." 

Halima Ali lives with her family in a small village in East Africa. In 2006, a British biofuel company came to her village, persuading her local community to give up their land. In return, the company promised full and fair compensation. They also promised that they would create well-paid jobs on the plantation for local people and provide badly-needed schools and clinics, roads and wells. 

The company never fulfilled their promises. Now, in dry season Halima and her community have to walk for almost 4 hours to fetch water. Because the land provided charcoal and wood for the community to trade, they now have little money and cannot afford to pay their children's school fees.

Halima is one of millions of poor people who have had their land grabbed by biofuel companies. This land grab is driven by the policies of Western governments. Take action alongside Halima. Change those policies and sign the petition to stop the biofuels land grab in poor countries