How you tackled hunger ahead of the UN summit

This summer, over 18,000 of you urged the UK to keep its promise to help halve global hunger by 2015.

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Andrew Mitchell – the Secretary of State for International Development – was deluged with emails, postcards, photo petitions and even phone calls calling on him to put hunger in the headlines at the UN poverty summit in New York.

And as Andrew Mitchell says himself in the video above, your actions made a real difference. 

What happened at the UN Summit?

140 world leaders met at the UN Summit on 20 September and, with your help, made some major steps: 

>> they recommitted to achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals by 2015 - including their number one promise of halving hunger.

>>Andrew Mitchell said tackling hunger is now a 'tremendous priority' for the coalition government, committed £1.1bn over three years and said that David Cameron supports our HungerFREE campaign.

>> Our ultimate aim, fully funded plans of action, was not reached (read our responses to the UN Summit to find out more) so there is still plenty of campaigning to do.

Together we’ll make sure the UK turns these promises into practical support for the millions of poor women and smallholder farmers who hold the solutions to the hunger crisis.

Act now to end world hunger

Help us let people know that using biofuels increases world hunger and does nothing for climate change. People are blogging, tweeting and debating about biofuels - it's simply a question of joining the conversation.