Real lives affected by biofuels

Government targets to increase biofuel use are forcing poor farmers from their fields, replacing food crops with biofuels in a massive international land-grab. They’ve pushed up global food prices, leaving millions hungry. And most biofuels release more greenhouse gasses than the fossil fuels they were designed to replace.  

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In 2006, Sun Biofuels arrived in Kisarawe District and took land the size of 11,000 football pitches to establish crops grown for biofuels.

“We want our land back – we don’t want the money the company has because it is not enough to feed all of us.”

“They took the land when it was already tilled…they haven’t paid us anything. We are dying of hunger and there is nothing that we have that is actually our own.”

“I lost my land. They did not respect me. They betrayed me.”

"We have learnt to live without meat, oil and other necessary items.  My family believes that they can never come out of poverty."

“My family have not been able to grow any food this year.”

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