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Laboratory technician Hassan Katta puts on gloves in Kenema government hospital before taking a blood sample from a person suspected to have Ebola.

Ebola Outbreak: what’s the latest?

Posted in Blogs 4 years 6 months ago

It’s been a difficult few weeks hearing the continued news about the spread of the Ebola in West Africa. I will be one of the first to admit I didn't know a huge amount about this virus, aside from it being incredibly frightening and in the vast majority of cases resulting in death. I didn’t know how it was transmitted and therefore how it could be prevented. You can learn more about that in my colleague Jane’s blog.

ActionAid’s Louise Sowden meets HRH The Princess Royal and broadcaster Michael Buerk

ActionAid staff from India and the UK joined HRH The Princess Royal and broadcaster Michael Buerk in Oxford for the announcement of the second Ockenden International Prize for refugees and internally displaced persons.

Emma Thompson and her adopted son Tindy, visited Liberia with ActionAid

Long-time ActionAid supporter and women's rights activist Emma Thompson is helping to raise awareness of what is a totally unnecessary practice and is encouraging people to take a stand and help eradicate female genital mutilation.